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Welcome to Moon Lynn Treasures

We make unique accessories and natural hair and skin products. Take a look around, stay a while. 


About Us

We are a small business with a commitment to quality, natural products. Please feel free to inquire about products or usage. Thank you for visiting. Come back soon!               


Check out our new Hair and Skin Care product line 

Naturally Nourished


Our Products are made with the highest quality herbs. Experience a healthy scalp with our Healthy Scalp and Hair Growth Oil.' With regular use, you'll notice a reduction in dryness, dandruff and itchiness. This special hair growth oil is made from a unique blend of natural and organic herbs and oils. It is carefully formulated to give your scalp the nourishment it needs to promote healthy hair growth. 

I lost my hair due to an autoimmune condition back in 2006. I believe that due to my ongoing health condition, my edges and around my hairline never grew back quite the same. I tried all sorts of oils and creams to grow my edges back and nothing worked!


I even went to a few consultations for various costly procedures to aid in growing back the hair. Before committing to one of these procedures, I decided to formulate my own natural hair oil in one last attempt. I started using my oil in Oct 2023. 


(The top picture was taken Aug 2023)

(The picture on the bottom left was taken in December 2023, bottom right was taken February 2024). 


Plants and Herbs are nature's gifts to us! Let's embrace nature and marvel at her beauty.


Clove, Rosemary and Fenugreek are  key ingredients in our 'Healthy Scalp and Hair Growth Oil.'


The compound eugenol found in clove oil helps promote hair growth when applied to the roots. 

Rosemary also promotes healthy hair growth and is said to be as effective as minoxidil!

Fenugreek works to promote hair growth and hair thickness and also may may slow down the ability of DHT to attach to your hair follicles. ‌ DHT is an androgen that is linked to male pattern baldness  and may lead to receding hairline. 


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